Don't be distracted by Christmas Goats

Don’t be distracted by Christmas Goats

Before I dive into Christmas shopping tips I thought it important to flag up what I think is the most significant news on the plastics issue that has appeared since my last blog. The UN are talking about creating an international body to reduce and eventually eliminate plastic waste. This is what is needed to actually beat the problem in the same way that The Montreal Protocol eliminated CFCs and the Climate Convention eventually gave us the Paris Agreement.  Early days yet, but it’s an encouraging start. For the full story read

Meanwhile back to Christmas -the time of year when we collectively consume the most stuff.

I embarked on a mission to not buy any new plastic this Christmas. This made High Street shopping much quicker than usual as I soon realised I could cruise through most stores unable to buy pretty much anything apart from crockery or glass (and even then you may have to fight with the till assistant not to smother it in bubble wrap). 

One High Street shop called Tiger (like Ikea- but smaller) sells lots of cheap gifts suitable for Stocking fillers and if you look carefully there are some non-plastic items in there.

However –it is easy to get carried away and not keep your plastic radar on.

I am a real sucker for decorated tins so when I saw their sandwich tin with Christmas Goat décor I was delighted as what’s not to like about a Christmas goat on a tin? So I bought one for me and one for a friend but when I got them home I realised they had plastic handles on. Fool. I’ve set myself up now so that I cannot possibly give a friend an item with plastic in so I have kept them both. Keep vigilant.

There are lots of good non-plastic items  from online shops but this approach has its pitfalls too. I bought two good looking metal Chilli water bottles for my (adult) daughters. They are nicely made and come with a wooden cleaning brush but  one unnecessarily came in a silly polyester bag and the other was wrapped in foam plastic.

Best stick to online eco shops you can trust.

I had better luck from Mutiny who sent me this great shaving kit in simple paper packaging.  A great present for the hairy person in your life.

However, not all environmental charities are plastic free. We bought some Christmas cards from The Woodland Trust shop and they arrived this morning in a conventional jiffy bag.  To be fair perhaps they are using up old stock but there are paper-only jiffy bags available now and they should be leading the way.

Alternatively you can always go mad in a charity shop or a vintage stall safe in the knowledge that you are not adding to the demand for new plastic.

And there are always good Christmas craft markets to visit where you can see and feel the products, talk to the makers, determine the packaging and keep it local.

I have started a list of good plastic free Christmas gifts to buy.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions so far. This list is by no means  complete so if you successfully bought a good plastic free present that we can all access, please post the good examples  on the escape from plastic face book page so that we can all see and share it.

Next up I will be reviewing Christmas decorations. Has anyone put theirs up yet? Or are you making some? Please do send in your photos to the facebook page. I will send a prize to the best idea/ look.  You never know it might have a Christmas Goat on it.


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