Christmas glitter and garden litter

I can't discuss Christmas decor without mentioning glitter. A product that has been causing much debate as it is so loved and cheers up most things but is undeniably micro plastic and an environmental disaster. I can no longer use it and am storing my stock until such time it can be safely disposed of.

Biodegradable glitter could be a solution but it depends where you use it.  As I understand it this glitter does not break down quickly in cold climates such as ours, so there is still a risk that terrestrial or marine creatures can ingest it whilst it is in its solid form, which could harm them. Obviously once it has degraded it won’t leave toxins like plastic so it is much much better, but use  and dispose of it carefully.

I do not know how they make edible glitter but I have to assume it is OK, just quite expensive.

And I believe Lush use naturally occurring mica in their products, but I have not yet checked this out properly.

If anyone has more information on this subject please do let us all know.

But back to Christmas.  I trust you all enjoyed  giving and receiving some plastic free presents ?  I certainly did and found the whole process relatively painless. Do check out my page on this blog with lists of present ideas – not just for Christmas.

Buying plastic free Christmas food was a nightmare though. And I gave up in the end for fear of an empty table.  I shall be tackling the great topic of food in the New Year but essentially it looks like plastic free food involves more planning, bulk buying and more home baking. It is not impossible and I am sure we will get there eventually, but not something to achieve in a hurry.

I had much more fun with plastic free décor, which is very easy. Just don’t buy any new plastic decorations.

I did however, buy some new paper ones from  If you order from this company in future, make sure you phone them up and let them know you don’t want any plastic packaging and they will take note. I loved mine and may buy more for next year.

Many of us have old  much loved and reused decorations. Like Clare, I still hang out the Christmas decorations my daughters made when they were children.

And this year we made a whole new set from old plastic junk we had lying around the house. I called this range Life Before Landfill and it’s a great round the kitchen table activity to do with your family or visitors alike. I may further upcycle them into hair decorations.

I also fashioned a tree from memories (or not) from my 50th birthday party.

The cheapest and often most effective décor are paperchains. I made metres of them from one roll of gold paper that cost me £1.50.

And Sandra told us she crocheted tinsel from old wool. Sounds amazing.

But Tess wins the prize for sending in a photo of her amazing display of natural foliage with additional baubles and décor found in charity shops. A traditional idea but hard to beat. Well done Tess.

Lastly in this festive week when you are probably feeling rather full and getting cabin fever, here is a suggestion to get the New Year off to a good start. 

Litter pick you own garden.

I know many of my friends have the most amazing amount of old junk in their gardens, much of it plastic. It is easy to just lob things outside but I am sure many of us are horrified to see fly tipping, so why do it in your own gardens?

Every item of plastic in your garden is slowing degrading and poisoning your lawn, shrubs and flowers and all the creatures that may live there. Terrestrial wildlife suffers just as much from plastic pollution as marine life does- it is just not so obvious.

So, on the next nice day this holiday, get your family off the sofa and grab some gloves and a bin liner and clean up the garden. You will feel so much better for it and so will the wildlife. If your garden is pristine already you could always do your street.  Do send  in your  before and after photos.

Here is to a plastic free New Year. I hope it’s a good one. xx


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